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Back on track

The last round of the Hungarian national slalom championship took place on the well known Kakucs Ring on 12th October.

This race was also part of the Middle-European zone race. 70 drivers arrived to the chilly morning to have the last fight for the category podium positions, many of them still not yet decided.

 Szabolcs Sződy and Zsolt Sződy also arrived to earn more points.

“After we checked the track it is evident that the race would be a fast one. We like it. The temperature would be a key factor as for it will reach even 20-24 celcius. So many aspects we need to handle” – said the brothers.

This race is important for Zsolt as for he is still in fight for the third position but for Szabolcs his year-end place is already fixed so he can drive without pressure.

Race laps

Szabolcs started first with the 22 start number. “It is a fast track however there are two spots where the rythm broken a little in a slow S curve. But it is manageable.” His first lap was 02:03,323 sec.

Zsolt followed him a little later with the 52 start number. “It was okay, the asphalt will be hotter later with more grip. I am happy with my time, seems really good.” His clock stopped at 1:58,323 sec.

In the second round Szabolcs left the track on one of the curves, which is not that bad as for there is grass next to it but he did not realise that there was a hole there as well. The car shaked and after he felt some vibration on the car. Luckily the car did not damages and he can continue the race but the lap time was definitely slower (02:04,137).

Zsolt was even faster in his lap and delivered one more excellent time with 01:58,096.

The third laps took place in early afternoon with the warmest condition of the day. The 24 celcius was the air and the track temperature was much also. But the tires warmer faster.

“However in the morning we were looking forward to a hotter condition now we can say that is it too much. We lost some grip. As for the track is a fast one the tyres can quickly reach the optimum temperature but also can be overheated during the lap.” – said Szabolcs was not happy with his next time, it was 2:04,283 sec.

Zsolt did struggle with some gripping problem within his lap and slightly losing control in among the last buoys. ” I left the track to the dust and lost time and gripping as well. I hit one buoy and missed the rest resulted 22 sec penalty. This lap will be definitely eliminated from the final result.” – was sad a little Zsolt (Lap time included penalty 2:24,996).

The temperature was optimal on the forth lap. It is definitely appeared on the times as well.

“This was the target time the whole day, I would like to get beyond two minutes, it nearly happen on the last  lap completed” – said Szabolcs after had a lap of 2:00,525 sec.

“I delivered the 1.58 times the whole day, this was also a good 01:58,375. I hope I will be on the podium.” – said Zsolt.


Race results:


Track racing team reached their best result in this season with today excellent and solid performance of Zsolt, who reached the overall second position in Serie 3 category on the Kakucs Ring. This was the first time second position of Opel. Szabolcs finished at fourth. (hungarian championship points)

  1. Taczman Zsolt Citroen Saxo VTS 00:05:48,268
  2. Sződy Zsolt Opel Tigra 00:05:54,794
  3. Juhász Ádám Citroen Saxo 00:05:57,159
  4. SADOVSKI Milan Citroen Saxo 00:06:00,418 (outside the national championship)
  5. Sződy Szabolcs Opel Tigra 00:06:07,985

  1. overall results, Serie 3 category (between 1400-1600 ccm)
  2. Kaposznyák Mihály Citroen Saxo VTS      58
  3. Ildzsa Dávid Suzuki Ignis                          55
  4. Taczman Zsolt Citroen Saxo VTS               35
  5. Sződy Zsolt Opel Tigra                              34
  6. Sződy Szabolcs Opel Tigra                        27
  7. Juhász Ádám Citroen Saxo VTS                  13
  8. Kovács Viktor Renault Twingo RS               8
  9. Csiszár Alexandra Opel Corsa                       1
  10. Hajdú Eszter BMW                            0

Summary of the day:

“The weather was good however it is the middle of October. It was a fast track with exciting competition.  We did not expect in the morning that we will have a chance for the podium second position, that is a great surprise and nice finish of the season.However we just missed the third place we are not disappointed. Was some chance for it, but finally missed minimum 2 points. It was plan “B” to reach at least another podium today, which completed and it was second place, above all expectation. It was a good race and a good season. Definitely we will analyse the season and based in that prepares for the next season. But right now we have a small celebration with the teammates to close the season.” – said the brothers as not sad.

This was the last race of the season. The yearly summary will come shortly.