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Bundesliga and the Coronavirus – What happens next?

Due to the Coronavirus many people can’t go to work.

Unfortunately, this also applies to almost all professional athletes. Some players are diagnosed with the virus and due to the prevention of the spread, all sport events are delayed until further notice. The Bundesliga is also part of this. But what is going to happen to this season? What happens with all the teams who are deep down in the standings and could possibly descend into the second league if it stands as it is? But what about the teams who are about to be promoted into the first league? Many questions need to be answered. We will discuss many of these possible answers and try to give you an overview.

What will happen next in the Bundesliga?

Bundesliga stays at it is – Highly unlikely

As we can see in other sports from all around the world, there is a possibility of just ending the season and not continuing. If they end it and count it as it is now many teams have played only once against another team. Some have even played a game less than others. This does not seem fair because a game against Bayern or Leipzig might be much harder to win against than a game against teams at the bottom of the table. This solution sounds almost impossible.

Only the first half of the season counts – Possible

One of the fairest solutions might be to only count the first half. Everyone has played against everyone, even though the home field advantage is a big factor in many cases such as a derby or even a regular game. However, teams like Bayern who were only in 2nd place or others who used to be at the bottom and increased their performance in the second half might be very angry.

Bundesliga does not count this year – Possible

An option is to not count this season at all. For teams like Werder Bremen or other teams, this would be a good solution because they are threatened to descend into the second league. But teams like Bielefeld, Stuttgart or Hamburg are going to be angry since they have worked so hard to get to the top of the standings in the second league. It is possible that the Bundesliga decides to do this.

No team descends but teams are promoted – Highly possible

An option that makes almost everyone happy is to change the number of the teams in the Bundesliga. The two or three teams from the second league are promoted into the first league but no one is descending. An option that is fair to those who are about to promote but also to those who might be descending. It is likely that for this case only the first half of the season counts.

A small tournament decides who gets to stay – Unlikely

Another option is to play a small tournament which determines the teams who might get promoted or relegated. Which kind of tournament and from when the standings count is another question. That bridge can be crossed when they decide on that option. The teams participating could be the two or three teams from the bottom of the 1st and the top of the 2nd.

The league will continue – Likely

Another option is to just finish up the rest of the games as soon as the virus is under control. This would mean that the teams have more than one game a week and the summer break is cutting short. An option that seems fair to everyone, but it depends on the duration of the break. If spectators are allowed, or the teams can pull this off remains questionable.

What happens next?

There are a lot of possibilities what could happen this year. Of course, not everyone is going to be happy with the decision, but it is better to have an answer to the question than not having one at all. Surely, no one is happy with the current situation either, but it is important to keep the players and especially the general public safe. When there is a definite answer to the question what happens to the Bundesliga, we will update you.