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International Wine Festival In Buda Castle, 7 – 10 September

Budapest Wine Festival organisers always offers a great variety of the finest wines of Hungary’s best winemakers along with foreign wines. This wide range includes prize winning wines from winemakers who have won awards and medals at well known domestic and international competitions. They are also happy to answer questions and give advice to event guests.

Organisers told

Visitors can enjoy 4 days of cultural and musical entertainment. Folk dance and music, jazz and the most popular Hungarian bands of world music will create memorable moments during the festival.

The Harvest Parade – Folk Music and Dance Gala, a colourful, appealing mix of dance and music in honour of grape growers and winemakers, is to be held on 10 September at Buda Castle, offering a real sight and celebratory atmosphere to summon up the fun of the harvests in the past.

The participants consist of folk dance assembles from wine regions concerned in their special folk dress, prominent persons and members of wine orders and associations of wine lovers.

The guest country of the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017 is Chile. This year, our guests can get familiar with this extraordinarily rich heritage of winemaking and the immense variability that the wine trade from Chile has to offer.

This year again, Budapest Wine Festival will offer special gastronomic delights made of domestic quality ingredients focusing on the flavours of the cuisine of the guest country. Old recipes revised, hand crafted traditional products and lively bistro cuisine will all be on offer at Buda Castle.

Explore the Tastes of Hungary on Budapest Wine Festival! This joyful professional program that draws the attention to the vividness of Hungarian wines and the uniqueness of the local grape varieties can be enjoyed by anyone. Through the thematic wine tasting routes wine lovers can taste various wines made of Hungarian grape varieties and other wine specialities which are specific to Hungary.

The Butlers Wine Quiz Bar, which is an interactive tent set up by Butlers interior design, is now an indispensable part of the Wine Festival. Here you can find numerous interesting things in connection with wine.

Men and women with little children can enjoy and relax during Budapest Wine Festival. Besides the traditional childminding service with playground, free entertainment will be waiting for the little ones and their parents as well.

Tickets are available on the spot for 3,200 HUF, and at a discount price by early bird registration on the website of the Wine Festival. The daily wristband includes a crystal glass and textile bag for the glass, too!

List of exhibitors

Opening hours:

September 7 14:00 – 24:00 Thursday
September 8 14:00 – 24:00 Friday
September 9 12:00 – 24:00 Saturday
September 10 12:00 – 22:00 Sunday


Daily ticket – 2 750 HUF
Daily ticket w/ Limited Edition glass – 3 300 HUF
4-day ticket – 4 500 HUF
4-day ticket – w/ Limited Edition glass – 5 000 HUF

Ticket offices close 1 hour prior closing times.

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IV. Vegan Food Fest, Westend Roof Terrace, 7 – 14 September

From the organisers: The celebration of plant based food at a brand new location, on the rooftop of Westend shopping mall.

Do you want to taste the plant-based alternatives of some Hungarian and cross-border food specialties? Want to cool yourself down with some dairy-free ice cream? You can’t imagine how a vegan burger or a hotdog would taste like? Do you want to try vegan cheese alternatives? Want some guilt free desserts? Do you enjoy nutritious raw foods and superfoods or perhaps you want to taste the typical Hungarian cuisine in a vegan way?

If your answer is yes to any of the previous questions then your best bet is the IV. Vegan Food Fest. Between 7th and 10th of September we gather Hungary’s vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, confectioneries, street foodists and bistros, so all you have to do is come and enjoy the amazing food.

What’s so special about it?
Well, if being the only vegan gastro festival of Hungary wouldn’t be enough, then let us tell you there’s even more to it. Just like previously, our exhibitors will prepare some delicacies you’ve never seen before, and you will never see again, because these unique food creations are exclusive to IV. Vegan Food Fest. Pretty tempting, isn’t it?

So see you between 7th and 10th September at a brand new location, Westend shopping mall’s rooftop, and let’s enjoy together the last warm days of fall accompanied by the finest plant-based foods.

Soon to be announced…


Location: Váci street 3., Budapest, 1062 (WestEnd mall rooftop)
Date: 7.-10. September 2017
Opening hours: 10am-10pm
Entry: Hello!

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32nd Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon

Run the 21 km individually or with your friends in a team of two or three.

There are over 15.000 participants on all the distances, with more than 10.000 half marathon runners and 1500 teams. However, no need to worry about crowding and overtaking as the start is done in waves so everyone has plenty of space to run.

In 2016, there were more than 2200 foreign runners, almost 2000 of whom run the half marathon, from 77 countries. Most runners came from Britain, Slovakia and Poland, but there were also participants from Chile, Indonesia, and Singapore, just to name a few.

Along the course there will be refreshments every 4 to 5 kilometers and of course continuous medical supervision. Pace runners will help you hit your desired tempo. But having fun is just as important as running so we’ll maintain several musical points along the course for your entertainment.

Each year participants receive a unique, race branded technical T-shirt and finishers are given a gorgeous medal.

Race date :Sunday 10th September 2017
Venue: Budapest
Facilities: Participating in the half marathon is essentially a running sightseeing tour of the beautiful Budapest. The course leads through the centre of the city, down the famous Andrassy Boulevard and across the Chain Bridge. Admire the view of the Buda Castle from the Danube banks and marvel in the panorama of Pest as well as Europe’s third largest Parliament building!
Distance: 21.1k
Organiser: BSI – Run In Budapest

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Excessive sugar a recipe for unhealthy lifestyle

About a year ago I had written about the issue of excessive consumption of sugars and their contribution to a decrease in our quality of life and their role in leading us to an unhealthier lifestyle.

Obesity Crisis Needs Dialogue and Action found that more than 10 percent of the world’s population is obese with the U.S. having nearly 70 percent of individuals either overweight or obese. The consumption of sugars and other highly refined products, which contribute to this epidemic, prompted me to again call our attention to this issue.

Prior global research
Results from a prior comprehensive global review were published in The Lancet Medical Journal and found that over the past three decades, there has been a startling increase in obesity worldwide. The condition can increase the risk of numerous health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Sugar consumption
Past guidelines from the World Health Organization noted their concern that consumption of free sugars may cause people to eat fewer foods that contain “nutritionally adequate calories” and increase total daily calorie intake. The WHO says consumption of free sugars, particularly from sugar-sweetened drinks, may lead to an unhealthy diet, weight gain and noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

According to a past Medical Health News report, the consumption of sugary drinks in the U.S. is high, with data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showing that 50 percent of the population consuming sugary drinks on any given day, with 5 percent consuming at least 567 kcal from these drinks – equivalent to four cans of soda.

In past research published in Internal Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association , the authors stated the following:

“Our findings indicate that most U.S. adults consume more added sugar than is recommended for a healthy diet. A higher percentage of calories from added sugar are associated with significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease [CVD] mortality.”

After our night’s sleep, our bodies need to be recharged in the morning through good nourishment. Replenishing the body with sugary cereals is really counter-productive. Most of us, however, don’t notice the effect that sugar may have on our appetite. We just know we’re never quite satisfied after our sugary breakfast and are usually looking for more unhealthy foods not long after finishing breakfast.

How can we address the issue?
Past guidelines issued by the World Health Organization have recommended a reduction of daily sugar intake to 5 percent of total calories to help address public health problems, such as obesity (and tooth decay).

The American Heart Association was one of the first to issue formal guidelines on sugar intake. The AHA recommended no more than 100 calories per day, or about six teaspoons of sugar for women and no more than 150 calories per day, or about nine teaspoons a day for men.

So, how can we begin to deal with this overconsumption of sugars, particularly the simple added sugars? What can you do now to limit your consumption of these types of sugars in the morning?

To avoid these sugars (as noted beforehand, those you need to look out for are added simple sugars, which, in addition to leading to adverse health effects, may actually cause us to eat more and thus, put us at risk for weight gain.) Start by following these two rules:
• Look at the first five ingredients of any food.
• Look at how many total grams of sugar the product has per serving.

Following these two pieces of information provide a powerful tool to assess the health of what you are purchasing. You may even be surprised to learn that some so-called “healthy” cereals are loaded with added simple sugars.

To become a savvier consumer and increase your knowledge on amounts of sugar contained in some everyday foods — both processed and natural — please go to the following resource site which will provide you with a good initiation:

(Mark Mahoney, Ph.D.-Columbia University.)

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National Holiday Events, 19 & 20 August

Here’s a quick summary of what’s officially going on this Saturday & Sunday, the ‘National Holiday of the Foundation of the Hungarian State’. Included is info about an ‘Air and Water Parade’ in the front of Parliament, a ‘Street of Hungarian Flavours’, concerts at Clark Ádám Square, and the ceremonial hoisting of the national flag, plus a fair few fireworks.

Firstly for interest, a few quick facts about ‘King Stephen the State Founder’:

Stephen The First (997–1038) was the last Grand Prince of the Hungarian Conquerors in the Carpathian Basin, and the first Christian King of Hungary, crowned by Pope Sylvester II. King Stephen had fought for the unity of Hungary against pagan Hungarian warriors, and also for the independence of the Hungarian Kingdom against Western European troops.

He brought Christianity to the country and established a legal system. Thus the 20th August in Hungary is both a large scale National and Christian holiday – much loved by Hungarians, especially due to the amazing annual fireworks.

Saturday 19 August

From 10 a.m. – Street of Hungarian flavours – From Castle Garden Bazzar to Szilágyi Dezső Square

Concerts at Clark Ádám Square: Balkan Fanatik, Bagossy Brothers Company, Ghymes, Szabó Balázs Bandája, Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol

Festival of Folk Arts in the Buda Castle

Sunday 20 August

8.30 -9.30 – Ceremonial hoisting of the national flag of Hungary, followed by the swearing-in ceremony of military officers (1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Square)

Ceremonial speech by János Áder, President of Hungary

10 a.m. – Air and water parade in the section of the Danube in the front of the Parliament

From 10 a.m. – Street of Hungarian flavours

Concerts at Clark Ádám Square:

Kolompos, Tóth Gabi, Supernem, Ferenczi Gyuri és a Rackajam, Póka-Tátrai Regeneráció

10 a.m. – 4 pm. – Guided tour of the Holy Crown in Parliament

5 pm. – Holy Mass followed by the Holy Right Procession (1051 Budapest, Szent István Square – Saint Stephen’s Basilica)

9 p.m. – Fireworks display in the section of the Danube in front of the Parliament


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No Major Increase In HIV Positive Cases In Hungary In Recent Years

No major increase has been registered in the number of HIV infections in Hungary in recent years, unlike in several other countries of the region, a doctor of infectology at the St. István and St. László hospital said on Tuesday.

More than 90 percent of HIV positive people receive contemporary treatments in Hungary and the country has a good track record of fighting HIV and AIDS, János Szlávik said in a statement.

Around 2,000 people diagnosed as HIV positive live in Hungary and over 1,800 receive therapy. The number of new infections totalled 196 last year. In comparison, an estimated 220,000 HIV positive people live in Ukraine, 850,000 in Russia and around 30,000 in Poland.

Szlávik said, however, that it is necessary to improve people’s willingness to undergo testing because only around 30-50 percent of HIV positive persons are in the care system and the others are probably not even aware of their infection.

AIDS statistics have been prepared in Hungary since 1985.

Over the past three-plus decades, a total of 3,400 HIV positive cases have been registered with 379 associated deaths. Szlávik estimated that only 10 percent of HIV positive persons in Hungary are female and an additional 5 percent are heterosexual male.

The infection has not spread significantly among intravenous drug users, he added.

(Republished with permission of Hungary Matters, MTI’s daily newsletter.)
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A duo of Budapest sweet shops won the nationwide contest for the country’s 2017 birthday cakes, an annual highlight of the August 20th celebrations when Hungary honors its founding king, St. Stephen.

Dreaming up a hazelnut-flavored fantasy, downtown’s Sugar!

Design Confectionery submitted the winning recipe for this year’s national cake, while in the sugar-free category, Zazzi’s raspberry-infused “Pöttyös Panni” dessert came first. The selected sweets will be available to taste beginning on August 19th at several confectioneries and at the Street of Hungarian Flavors event at Várkert Bazaar.

Among the 29 sweet shops that joined the 2017 contest to invent an original cake recipe for a chance to win the esteemed title “The Birthday Cake of Hungary”, Budapest’s renowned Sugar! Design Confectionery hit the nail on the head with its “Balatoni Habos Mogyoró” (translating to “Frothy Hazelnut cake from Balaton”), a dessert enhanced with blackcurrant, caramel, and creamy chocolate.

Now an integral part of the historic August 20th celebrations when Magyars commemorate the foundation of the Hungarian state, this relatively recent tradition of offering a birthday cake to the country is a sweet touch amid the boisterous nationwide jamboree. On this occasion, the National Trade Corporation of Hungarian Confectioners calls for pastry makers from all over the country to invent or reinvent desserts that reflect Magyar traditions and flavors, which include local foodstuffs and must be made without adding any artificial ingredients.

Being a nationwide contest, in the past two years the Salgótarján-based Kézműves Confectionery was awarded the same prize twice in a row with the shop’s intoxicating “Caramel Cake with Pannonhalmi Apricot Pálinka” invention becoming the 2015 birthday cake, while the same confectionery’s “Green Gold of Őrség”, a pumpkin-seed-oil infused dessert, earned the honorable title just a year later in 2016.

In addition to such sugary treats, every year since 2012 diabetic and health-conscious people can also celebrate Hungary’s national holiday with a slice of the country’s birthday cake, as the One Drop of Attention Foundation (“Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány”) selects Hungary’s sugar-free torte, where white flour, added sugar, artificial additives, and preservatives all must be left out from the list of ingredients. This year, the colorful “Pöttyös Panni” (translating to “Polka-dotted Panni”) cake by the Budapest-based Zazzi Confectionery earned first prize within this category – the delicate dessert is made with refreshing raspberry mousse, a layer of sweet plum, and poppy seeds.

Both cakes are available for tasting from August 19th at many of Budapest’s confectioneries, including at the winning sweet shops, while on August 19th and 20th, among the citywide celebrations of St. Stephen’s Day, the Street of Hungarian Flavors at the Várkert Bazaar, near the Buda side of the Chain Bridge, will also proffer slices of the newly invented treats.
(Petra Berende)

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Festival Of Folk Arts In Budapest, 17 – 20 August

A real international crafts festival, the Festival of Folk arts will welcome its guests for the 31th time between 17 – 20 August. In 2017, the 31st ‘Mesterségek Ünnepe’ focuses on embroidery.

This year the guest country is Mongolia.

In August 2017, Mongolia will be the guest of honor of the Festival of folk arts. The country which is 17 times bigger than hungary is populated by 3,2 million people though nowadays the majority of the population live in the cities, they are all proud of their nomadic traditions and cultures.

Though over the last decade, the spectacular development of the Mongolian economy has been due primarily to investments in the extraction of raw materials and mineral resources, it is becoming increasingly decisive for the government’s objective to develop sustainable progression, the developmentof the organic farming and a multi-faceted economic model in which traditional nomadic living plays a key role.

The lifestyle of the people living in the country, still nomadic, has not changed much in the centuries. Nowadays, they carry on the nomad farming as well as their predecessors during the Great Mongol Empire or as the inhabitants of the former great nomadic empires. Nomadic people were self-sufficient in many aspects, often used their own devices and accommodation, this was the key of their mobility and ability to adapt.

However, there were crafts – such as blacksmiths – which were highly respected. Keeping these traditions, in the modernizing and globalizing Mongolia, is particularly important.

The nomadic tradition and culture is one of the pivots of the national identity of the Mongolians, so of course, they are increasingly paying attention to the preservation of this tradition. The Mongolian Cultural Tradition Center has been operating with government support since 1988 whose main task is the union of traditional nomadic craftsmen since the 1990s.

This year, craftsmen visit us in Hungary who are working on these crafts at a high level, whether they are felting, sewing or even cultivating metal. Mongolian bowmen are also visiting us, who are still using traditional methods during the process of bow-making, which weapon is considered to be a symbol of nomadic warfare.

Today’s use of them is far more peaceful, the customers of the bows are the archers of the Nádomon the national holiday of mongolia, and fewer people who want to own a traditional Mongolian bow.

The technology of Mongolian bow making has not changed much over the centuries, but the shape of these weapons and the materials used differ from each other.

During the Festival we can observe uranah, bursa and Mongolian bows. Their creators present the technology, the phases of the bow making, the materials used. Textile artists present the traditional Mongolian wear, the motifs that rooted back to previous centuries.

They will introduce us to the Mongolian embroidery, but also to special features such as dzószon siré, a “coin table” that is a special “spinning technique”. Then these threads are used as decorations for dresses, garlands, tubular pot holders?…

The blacksmith’s art was always highly respected among the nomads, their craftsmen were privileged, often attributed to him some kind of sacral role, thus they represent the traditional nomadic crafts the most. The tradition of Mongolian culture is also reflected in the work of the blacksmiths and goldsmiths.

The jams, drinking cups adorned with silver nuts, the nomadic shepherd skills are perhaps the most representative pieces of the Mongolian craftsmanship.

Opening hours of the Festival of Folk Arts: 10.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Tickets: HUF 2,000 / adults (discounts for students, senior citizens, families)

The market will be open for public from 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM, and you can enjoy the programme of the stages and gastronomy until 11.00 PM.

(Source: Festival of Folk Arts)

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‘Airport Runway’ Charity Run, 2 September

From the organisers: This is the fifth year that Budapest Airport will be organizing its hugely successful charity running race the Runway Run, an event unique in the whole of Europe. On 2 September 2017, the airport operator will close (or open) runway I for nearly one thousand runners.

The exclusive event is intended primarily for an audience from the world of aviation and commerce, but competitors from the Suhanj! Foundation, well-known athletes and public figures, members of the media will also participate.

This year, proceeds from entry fees will be used to support the SUHANJ! Foundation.

Date: 2nd September 2017, at 11am (Saturday)
Venue: Budapest Airport Runway 13R-31L
Distances: 5 km and 10 km

Competition categories:
o 5 km individual
o 10 km individual
o Kids run – between 6 and 15 years (1km)

Entry fee:
€30 or 9 000 HUF (per runner) until 1 July (early bird fee)
€50 or 15 000 HUF (per runner) between 1 July and 18 august
Registration will be closed on 18 August, 2017
For children 15 EUR or 4.500 HUF (per person).*
More info:

**In the case of children, entry is granted for 1 escort, once the required personal data have been provided, via the registration site. Please enter ESCORT in the company name field. No separate entry fee is charged for escorts.

(Source and registration: Bud Runway)

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Hungarian Truck Fest, Hungaroring, 26 & 27 August

From the organieser: The European Truck Racing Championship is a monumental international tournament governed by the FIA. The European Championship is the top class of truck racing, and has a long history, as the first race was held in 1985.

The Truck Racing Championship has its history in Hungary, the European Cup visited Hungaroring four times between 1987 and 1990. Janos Krasznai, the Hungarian pioneer of truck sports reached unbelievable results during that time.

Our company, the Truck Race Promotion Ltd. made history in 2015, because after 25 years the most outstanding, the most spectacular event of truck racing, the FIA European Truck Racing Championship returned to Hungaroring with great succes. However, the technology and the circumstances have changed a lot during the years, but now we have a twice European champion as well, Norbert Kiss. In 2016 the standard of the weekend had raised.

We organized colorful family activities, exciting events, concerts and lots of new programs for the visitors. Moreover, the Blancpain GT Series, where the fastest luxury cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Aston Martins and Porsches competed for the first place, which made the event even more exciting and successful. Expect a true festival atmosphere during the weekend, with activities for all generations.

The wildlife will be brought to life through games, adding the treasures of nature to the asphalt jungle. The younger ones can enjoy the Kidsoasis with origami and sparkling tattoos, while the elderly can watch the stunt show and other attractions during the day, with many more programs for the whole family.


Saturday 26 August

09:00- Free practice (FIA ETRC)

09:40 – Qualifying I. (Blancpain GT Series)

10:02 – Qualifying II. (Blancpain GT Series)

10:25 – Qualifying III. (Blancpain GT Series)

10:45 – Free practic I. (Blancpain GT Sports Club)

11:25 – Timed practice Q1 (FIA ETRC)


12:10 – Free practice II. (Blancpain GT Sports Club)

12:50 – Truck parade

14:05 – Championship Race I. (FIA ETRC)

14:50 – Podium ceremony (FIA ETRC)

14:55 – Qualifying (Blancpain GT Sports Club)

15:45 – Qualifying Race (Blancpain GT Sports Club)

17:15 – Championship Race II. (FIA ETRC)

18:00 – Podium ceremony (FIA ETRC)

18:15 – Qualifying Race (Blancpain GT Series)

Sunday 27 August

09:00 – Program for kids

09:55 – Timed practice Q2 (FIA ETRC)


10:45 – MAIN RACE (Blancpain GT Sports Club)

11:35 – Truck parade

13:05 – Championship Race III. (FIA ETRC)

13:50 – Podium ceremony (FIA ETRC)

14:20 – MAIN RACE (Blancpain GT Series)

16:00 – Championship Race IV. (FIA ETRC)

16:45 – Podium ceremony (FIA ETRC)

(Source and further information: Hungarian Truck Fest)