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EYOF Opening Ceremony

The Flame of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) starting on the 23th of July in Győr, arrived in Budapest on the International Olympic Day, on Friday.

According to the National Olympic Committee’s (NOB) website, on the event called the Night of Olympics – 123th anniversary of the National Olympic Committee’s foundation – besides Zoltán Kammerer, Olympic Champion kayaker and EYOF-ambassador, several people ran with the torch on the Heroes Square, amongst them some young athletes of the Olympic Festival.

“As an Olympic Champion I think, the root of everything is that our children learn at a very young age, that sport is a good game and it can give so much good in our lives” – explained László Fábián, deputy Secretary General of the NOC, president of the Hungarian EYOF-Team in his welcoming speech. He added: Győr is preparing with full blast for the EYOF, serious infrastructural developments were made, the organising is also in finish.

The torch started the night pageantry from the CSY (KSI) water-plant to the Kopaszi-dam, towards the Lágymányosi-Bay on 24 dragon-boats with more than five hundred people accompanying them. In the boats several Olympic Champion and medal winner took part in the event: besides László Fábián and Zoltán Kammerer, amongst others Gabriella Szabó and Rita Kőbán kayaker, György Kozmann canoeist, János Martinek pentathlonist, Géza Imre fencer and István Gergely water polo player.

The EYOF coming on between the 23th and 29th of July is a competition for the young people between the age 14 and 18 years, where in ten sports 130 competitions will be organised, 2500 athletes and 1100 attendants are awaited from fifty countries.

Source: MTI
MTI Photo: Balogh Zoltán/Máthé Zoltán