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Kalocsa pattern

It is the middle of the summer and also the middle of the Hungarian Slalom Championship.

The fourth race held on Kalocsa (Foktő airport) with 50 car racing drivers.

After 2010 Szody brothers had the chance to race again on this track.

“Eight years before we raced here with a Suzuki Swift in S2 category. It was a good race with nice memories. We are looking forward to try ourselves again here with another car.” – said Szabolcs and Zsolt.

During the track walk it was evident that the surface was a dusty, rough concrete. So the brothers had to decide which tyres they would like to put to the specially “Kalocsa” flowers decorated car: the sport street tyres or the slicks. They decided beside the slick tyres.

Zsolt with racing number 29 started first. “It is a drivable track. At the beginning I had to learn the corners, it was okay but one part where I slightly hit the tyres. I had to practice that part.” His time was 01:30,409.

Szabolcs started with 47. His first lap was a little slower than Zsolt’s lap. “For me it was still a careful lap but I practised the difficult combinations and I knew how I can be even faster.” His first lap was 01:31,130.

Zsolt’s second lap was nearly the same with solid performance. The time was 01:30,483. While Szabolcs was significantly, 2.7 seconds faster this time with 01:29,394.

The temperature increased during the day and the participants only can rest below sun umbrellas and service tents.

The third lap of Zsolt was his best one and go beyond 1.30 (01:29,564). I was not sure whether the temperature helped me or not but I raced much better than before.” – said Zsolt happily.

Szabolcs also hit his best lap with 01:28,484. „I thought in advance in each corner and focused on the speed. I am satisfied with the time.”

The brothers were even faster on the last round. Zsolt reached his best lap of the day with 01:28,927 while Szabolcs also edged close with 01:29,226 with one small mistake. Luckily those did not change the results.

This was the first time of the season that Szabolcs beat Zsolt and reached fifth position with 4 points, while Zsolt finished at sixth and get 3. They are in the midfield in the category.

Summary of the day:

“We were happy to race here again. It was a good, fast track, we really liked it. We got used to it every lap and were faster and faster. We made a good decision on the tyre selection however we afraid that the track damage the tyres but it did not. The back of the track was very dusty but overall it did not affect our performances. As for the weather, well, the temperature was very hot, outside it was 42 C which means that in the car there was approximately 60. This was heavy, especially before each start. We had to drink a lot, around 5-6 litre per person. We came here to get precious points and that was fulfilled. Okay, we dreamed to reach the fourth position but realistically this 5th and 6th places were reachable now. We are satisfied overall after this race” – summarised the Track Racing Team drivers.

The next race will be four weeks later in south-west of Hungary. The city called Nagyatád on a street race.

(Photos: Czárl Adrienn)