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LeBron James thanks Ingraham as Cavs All-Star vows to speak his mind

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James used media day at the NBA All-Star weekend to sarcastically thank radio host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham for her comments after he and Kevin Durant criticised United States president Donald Trump.

James and Golden State Warriors star Durant were criticised by Ingraham after the pair hit out at Trump in a video via Uninterrupted.

Ingraham told the duo to “shut up and dribble” the basketball as Durant accused her of racism.

“I appreciate her for giving me even more awareness, at the greatest weekend of the NBA,” James, who is one of the team captains for Sunday’s All-Star game, said at Staples Center on Saturday. “This is the best weekend of the NBA, when the countries in the whole entire world come watch the greatest players in the world.

“I get to sit up here and talk about social injustice and equality and why a woman on a certain network decided to tell me to ‘Shut up and dribble. So, thank you, whatever her name is.

“I get to sit up here and talk about what’s really important and how I can help change kids, not only in America, but in Brazil, England, Mexico and all over.”