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Live Tuning – preparation for the 23-25th of March Car show

Presented on the 29th January Press conference in Western City Center, the Audi TT was presented which was rebuild only within a couple of days ahead of the viewers, using only legal and safe car tuning parts.

During the four days rebuilding the visitors can follow the 6 workers who rebuilt the car – which will be shortly a car for one of the luckly winners.

In March the Tuning Show will occupy 6 pavilons and a huge outside area in Hungexpo, Budapest, where all visitors have a change to look some old and the future car wonders. Besides the exhibitions there whould be other programmes, races and shows for all ages. Tuning Show – the biggest hungarian autotuning show
New cars exhibition– salon cars, dealers and present concepts
EV-GreenTech – electric cars exhibition avaible supply
Classic Automobil Show – rebuild and old timers cars
Hungarians in the car produce of the world – Famous hungarian peoples in the car indrusties
DRIFT and GYMKHANA Championship – races
OFF-ROAD Show – Off road on the bulid track
Hot Rod Show – modified cars
Tuning meet and exhibition- clubs, hundreds of cars
Top Cars – exlusive cars of the car indrusties
SUV Zone – freetime cars exhibition
All day programs – indoor and outdoor for the families

Automobil and Tuning Show will be open:
23-24th March between 9am and 7pm, on 25th March between 9am till 6pm.

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