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New category, new brand, new car

It is already 18 years when Szabolcs and Zsolt Sződy have started racing with a Trabant.

Than 7 years with a Suzuki in the Hungarian National Slalom Championship. So now it was high time to change for another one – to an OPEL!
We have asked the Sződy brothers about their preparation ahead of the new season.

Sportseconds: Hello! It seems that red from now on, what a change after blue. How was it?

Szabolcs Sződy: You are thinking about the clothes? (He laughing). This is very simple, the outfit always in line with the colour of the car. As for this year we have a red car, we need to change the outfit as well. But lets speak seriously, it is not easy to find a good car and good colour as well. We were luckly to get a red one, which made our main sponsor, Orbico Hungary Kft., brand of Shell lubricants happy.

Sportseconds: Okay, we get it. But the colour of your team was always blue.

Zsolt Sződy: Yes, and it remained the same, blue, light blue. Only the colour of the car, the outfit which changed and it is in line with the sponsors colour as well. However we always fancy red.

Sportseconds: And why Opel, after so many success with Suzuki?

Szabolcs: We were looking for a new car to move to a new category, not a brand. There have been four possible choices and we ended up with an Opel Tigra. This is an 1.6ccm 16 valve, 106 horsepower Tigra, twice as strong as Suzuki was. This is a sport version, including some Irmscher accessories. We have changed several things on the car to fit for the races. Adding lower springs, sport shocks absorbers and sport air filters. The original seats and belts remained, such as the light alloy wheel.

Sportseconds: So this means that you will race in S3 (serie 3) with an 1.6 ccm. What a jump for a Tiger, lets say with a Tigra! But what about S2?

Zsolt: In 2010 and 2011 we have raced in S2 with a 1.3ccm Swift but those two years was not that successfull. That’s why have have decided to jump up for a new S3 category. It was one of the old dream to race with an 1.6 ccm car and now we take it.

Sportseconds: It is some risk to try something unknown?

Szabolcs: Exactly. To be honest last year we had bored to race with 53 horsepower. It was pleasant but well-known. So we had to step out of the comfort zone! We did not know this car only the fact that is is really nice looking and has excellent shape. So we have to transform our mind but not just on the race track, also on the preparation and service. There is no more rutine any more like where to find certain things or how the car will react. We have to learn how this car behaves. This is a brand new challenge but we are looking forward to it. But have to be patient.

Sportseconds: What are our expectations for this year?

Zsolt: There is no expectations, we currently get familiar with the car and the category. Afterwards we try to get faster and improve. We have to learn and we still can learn after so many years. But we enjoy it and I believe we will get use to it for the second part of the season.

Sportseconds: Good thinking. What about your partners, how did they react to the new car? Do you get new sponsors for this year?

Szabolcs: Yes. There were a discusssion with them on the change but we decided on the car on our own and they were happy. It is interesting that the majority of our sponsors have red logos, which fit for the new caracter of our team. This year we are using the Prevent car care products of Medikémia Zrt. Also we have new sponsor BMC and using their air filters for the races. This is our third year with Orbico Hungary Kft., Shell lubricant hungarian partner. Further partners are for this racing season: Kárászy Kft. for shock absorbers, Brisk Hungary Kft. for racing spark plugs, Nyomdaker for the decoration, Tikkadt Szöcske, belverage brand of Italműhely Kft. and Luxottica gave Oakley sportsunglasses. And at last, but not least our media partners, and webportals, and you, Sportseconds webportal, as new media partner.

Sportseconds: What can I say at the beginning of the season than good luck for the first race for 31st March.

Sződy brothers: Thank you!

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