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On the Edge

Attila Telegdi, head of the speed-trial department of the Hungarian Ice Skating Federation

What makes the edge of the skate so special?

It’s a 1,1-1,2-millimetre-wide surface, and the material is flexible. We say, the good edge conserves its shape after it has been bent. And also after the minor changes, it doesn’t soften. There are a lot of circumstances which are changing the edge, for example, the temperature difference between the changing rooms, and the ice.

Are they aligned to the competitors, or there are types that they use?

Sometimes there are brands which are preferred by some skaters so there can be differences in one team. The bending is adjusted to the technique of the competitor. If, however, they start applying a new technique, we also have to reshape the blade and of course, the ice is decisive as well.

What are the aspects that you have to consider?

It depends on the depth of the skating, how he or she leans forward, also how the given skater exits the corners. On the highest level, it can mean 30% of performance.