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Opening race of slalom championship

The hungarian National Car Slalom Championship was opened with the first race at Kiskunlacháza, 60 km far from Budapest.
This race track was a former airport and well known for the drivers. Total of 60 competitors decided to test themselves and their new cars under very rare weather conditions varied with sunshine and thunder.

Sződy brothers, Szabolcs and Zsolt joined to Serie 3 category (betweeen 1400 and 1600 ccm) with an Opel Tigra. Presented on 22nd of March, the car was well decorated for the first race which was a test for the brothers.
One slalom race programme is the following: the drivers have a possibility to check the track by walking on it in the morning. After the official opening where the rules were announced each drivers have a change to take a test running. Than four rounds took place out of it the three best timing cumulated. Any hit of the buoy resulted two seconds deduction while failure on the order/direction of the buoy resulted 20 seconds penalty at the end. The quickest gets the most point and the trophy at the end of the day.

Szabolcs and Zsolt tested the car not only on the test round but also on the following round as well, tried out the car and get familiar how it is reaching. For the second round they tried to be faster, however it was under wet conditions already not. This can be seen on the timings as well.

Szabolcs Sződy, Zsolt Sződy,


Round times:

02:08,960 02:02,787
02:05,113 02:02,984
02:13,370 02:07,351
02:07,299 02:03,027

Overall the brothers were satisfied with their debut in this category, with the new racing car.
”We arrived to the race after long winter break with a well prepared but not tested the car. Thanks to the strange weather circumstances we had the chance to test the car on dry and wet conditions. Finally it was good, because we have more experience about the car. We were happy with the speed of the car but they know that it can be even faster, especially with new tyres. We got 2 and 3 points at the end of the day but really hope that the next race on 22nd of April will be even better.” – said the brothers.

Photos: Track Racing
Article: Sportseconds