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Podium finish again

The 6th race if the Hungarian slalom championship held at Kiskunlacháza, third time this year.
However the track itself was a new one because the championship got another part of the airport service lines than the usual one. The 65 drivers were all excited to the new track.
Semi-new track
The pleasant Indian summer weather welcome the cars and the participants.
Sződy brothers were also excited.
“We like it very much. However this is the third race but it seems to be a new event. The Organizers built a totally new track, nothing like that before. It’s fast, it has rythm, fast straight lines bed followed by slow curves and returns. Enjoyable.” – said the brothers.
Race laps
Zsolt started with number 38 to the track which was longer this time than usual, 1.8km.
“It went well until the end, where I missed the direction of the last two buoys which resulted significant, 40sec time penalty. Overall it was a good lap, I will correct in the next round.” (02:32,722)
Szabolcs started with 76 number.
“I Have experienced in the first live lap how good the rythm of this track has. It is not easy, important to have short brakes and fast speeding and to be quick at the straight lines and in the curves.
You need to use the gear shifts the speed much more. But it is enjoyable and still room for improvement.” – said Szabolcs after finishing his lap at 01:53,172 sec.
The second lap of Zsolt was without mistake and the brothers time was nearly equal, however they have difference within their driving style but that is surprisingly more appear in other circuits than in this long and fast one.
Lap times: Zsolt 01:51,054, Szabolcs 01:51,306.
The temperature if the asphalt was optimal in this third lap. And the difference between the two brothers were only 0.17 sec., as 1:50:152 (Szabolcs) and 1:49:980 sec (Zsolt). These was clear laps.
Final laps
“The last lap will be very exciting because that would decide who will be the third out of us. The harmony is there between the car and the track so it would be decided who can deliver better the last lap.” – talk to us the brothers.
Szabolcs did his best lap of the day. “The temperature of the track dropped but everything else was optimal for me. I did not concentrate better this time but the practice deliver the better result. I am happy with it. When I returned to the depo I got the news that I would finish at third.” (01:49,809)
Zsolt was slower more than a second and that costed the podium for him.
“I do not know why but I was not that good in the fourth lap. There were no mistakes but that was all in this lap. Szabi deserved to be the third, he was good all day.”
Podium ceremony
Szody brothers got faster and faster in the second part of the season and managed to get another throphy after Kalocsa in Series 3 category. But this time Szabolcs takes it.
1. Kaposznyák Mihály, Citroen Saxo VTS        58
2. Ildzsa Dávid, Suzuki Ignis                             55
3. Sződy Zsolt, Opel Tigra                              30
4. Taczman Zsolt, Citroen Saxo VTS                24
4. Sződy Szabolcs, Opel Tigra                       24   
6. Kovács Viktor, Renault Twingo RS                  8
7. Juhász Ádám, Citroen Saxo VTS                    7
8. Csiszár Alexandra, Opel Corsa                       1
9. Hajdú Eszter, BMW                                         0
On the overall standing Zsolt is at third, Szabolcs at fourth position, just one race to go.
Summary of the day
“However it was a replacement race it brought excitement for everyone. Good track, well organised rounds, excellent lines. The podium position for Szabolcs reached only 0.9 sec after three laps, thanks to a combination of precise and fast driving. The car worked well, it was stable and accelerate well and the temperature was optimal for the wheels.
We are deserved today’s result and looking forward to the last race, it comes only two weeks.” – summarised the day the drivers of Track Racing.
The next race will be in 12th of October at the Kakucs Ring. The last round decide the finally overall standing in S3 category end of this season.
Photos: Track Racing