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Private collection of the World Champ

Special exhibition was recently opened in Cologne Motorworld: this is the first time the 7th time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher private collection can be seen in such a details. But why Cologne? Because Kerpen, where he was born and lived is just 30 km away from here.

Furthermore Motorworld huge exhibition centre gives enough room for the Schumacher history in two floors, in chronological order.

On the top floor the champ go-cart was presented, next his Formula Ford times, than the German Forma 3 category. The following period was 1991 when with a Group C Prototype Mercedes C9 car, together with his late rival Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Karl Wendlinger took part in the Sport Car World Championship and in Le Mans, as junior Mercedes drivers.

Than Schumi arrived to Formula 1: on his first ever race he reached 7th position on the starting grid in Spa-Franchorchamps back in 1991 as a replacement. He was immediately drawn the attention of Benetton team who signed with him from the following race. And the following is already a great history: he reached his first world championship with Benetton but than moved to the Ferrari, which is always The Dream Team for a F1 driver. And at the end of his Formula 1 carrier he went back to Mercedes in 2010.

On the exhibition the visitors have the chance to see his 16 racing cars, including his first F1 Jordan, the Benettons and several Ferrari cars, and his last with Mercedes. Also the improvement of the cars can be observed, however one of the interesting thing is that the tires are the original ones, representing that these cars are the real ones!

Besides the cars the exhibition presented his racing suits, racing gloves, shoes and helmets, also on chronological order. On several items the original and well-known “Deutsche Vermögensberatung” subtitle can be seen. Also one of the Ferrari gloves it was clearly visible „ungheria” subtitle which indicates that this gloves was dedicated to be used for a Hungarian racing. And of course his most significant and nice looking trophies were also presented, showing that he won all important races.

There is a dedicated room to see some archive videos, with short films from his go-cart period till the golden ages with Ferrari, including his team-mates and rivals. But the family also made public some private family records with his brother Ralf. Besides many photos which covers his whole life from the beginning, sitting on a small motors till his last race.

People liked or disliked Schumi but his talent, endurance and success was evident: he is one of the best F1 drivers ever. Winning and loosing is part of the sport but it is also part of the private life. And now the biggest fight is to be. However the exhibition does not mention anything to his skiing accident but the whole ended with a huge, nearly black and white portrait.

Article: Szabolcs Sződy

Photos: Szabolcs Sződy and Zsolt Sződy