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Racing in a parking

On July 1st, after 9 weeks break the latest race of the Hungarian Slalom Championship took place in Hatvan, in the parking slot of the local BOSCH centre.
With 67 drivers on board the majority of the drivers had some nostalgia about the circuit itself: a couple of year back theRacing in a parking Slalom Championship used such places with narrow lines and borders.
It was the same feeling for the Sződy brothers as well, at the beginning of the century they started racing these kind of track with a Trabant.
“We love these type of technical races with many turns, which required more skills from the drivers. Nowadays the slalom races are getting quicker and the main focus is on the speed. Good to be back to the basic.” – said the brothers.
Thanks to the parking slot the depo and the track itself can be covered only within a couple of Minutes that’s why it requires extra attention from the organisers. The danger was much higher so only the judges and the photographers could stay close to the track while the viewers and relatives can follow the races only behind the fence with safe distance. Due to the narrow lines only one car can be on the track at the same time, resulted more than two hours per round and only three chances.
Sződy brothers also can feel the extra pressure and did a safe testing round and were a little more patient in his first live round as well.
The times of the first round: 1:37:946 for Szabolcs while only 1:39:431 for Zsolt, who nearly hit a buoy and had to correct, which was time consuming.
The second rounds showed again a difference between the brothers but on an opposite way: while Szabolcs hut nearly the same time1:38:110 Zsolt improved a lot and grab an excellent 1:36:440. However both save their best performance at the last, Szabolcs improved significantly with an excellent time of 1:36:389 but Zsolt was even better with a 1:34 373. Those results were good for position of 6th and 8th out of the 11 drivers within S3 (serie 1400-1600cm3).
The brothers were satisfied with their performance and noted: “The weather was perfect for the race, it was not too warn and ideal for driving on a street tyre. It was a good choice not to bring the slick tyres because there would not be any advantage on a rough asphalt. We have more points, this is important for the championship.”
The next race will held on 21st July at Kalocsa, on an airport circuit.
Photos: Track Racing