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Rainy race on the airport

There is a say in Hungary that every drop of the May rain worths gold – definitelly for the agriculture – but what about cars?

The Hungarian Car Slalom Championship 67 drivers faced a drizzling or havily rainy weather on 4th of May at Kiskulachaza. The situation seems to be equal for all but there were some differences….

Tyres choice

The type of the tyres is really important, said Sződy brothers before the race.

“It seems there will be raining today so we have to face wet conditions. We arrived with our racing tyres but we also bought another rainy set to be sure. This is a test for us because we did not try them in wet surface but we will during the practise lap and we will decide afterwards.”

Racing laps

They decided to keep the racing tyres because they worked well.

Szabolcs started first with number 18.

“In my first lap only slightly rained but the track was really wet. However the car did not slide at all. I have no idea about the possibility of a good lap time but this one is an optimal starting point.” (01:59,421)

Zsolt did his first lap in more heavily conditions.

“I was surprised how good the car was in such conditions. Only it slipped a little but overall everything worked fine. The track is good for us, let’s see what can we reach on wet.” His first lap time was 01:55,705.

Szabolcs missed the correct order of the bouy resulted to get 30mp penalty and ended with 02:20,194. This lap would be the one to be eliminated from the final result.

While Zsolt further progressed and the clock stopped at 01:52,703, with a chance to reach the podium.

Thanks to the weather conditions and the several delay to rescue other cars the organisers decided to reduce the lap number from four to three.

Szabolcs concentrated for a clear last lap.

“Although I did it without mistake when I started the rain falled heavily and the water stopped on the ground. This was not that bad but the visibility conditions bothered me more. Overall it was a good lap, the car worked well but this was the realistic time I managed to do under these circumstances.” Time was 02:01,686.

Zsolt, who started 20 cars later only faced with the water in the track. “There was no raining when I went, but only wet. That why I had a better time a little. If I calculate correctly this lap time (01:52,351) worth the fourth position.And I worked a lot to get it.”


Zsolt finished fourth and Szabolcs finished fifth on the second race of the seven races championship so they just missed the podium. They are currently also on the fourth and fifth place in serie 3 category out of nine drivers.

Daily summary

“We prepared that it would not be an easy day, it rained nearly continuously and the track was wet all day. We got used to it but it was not easy. As for the tyres worked really well we got a small chance to reach podium but it would come next time, now at the end we had to accept this fourth and fifth position. It worth a lot of points for us. We hope the next race will be warm and dry on 8th June at the same place.” – said the guys.

280 km on two wheels

Please can you give us some words about your last week competition. Or was it a journey rather?


“Yes, rather. In the last couple of years I have participated in a bike circle tour around lake Balaton. This year after the total circle, which was 206km I put an additional small 75km one on the following day.

I really like this sport and I also use my bike as transporting vehicle. I realised on the slalom race how lucky we were with the weather there, no rain at all!”

Do you think on racing by bike or that is already left behind?


“No, I do not think anymore to race against the clock. I prefer to take long tours on asphalt. Beside the beautiful scenery it is good to be on fresh air, I just recommend this to everyone!”

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