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Saving points in an airport 

There was hardly any break between the two Hungarian Slalom races, after three weeks of Nagyatád city race the sixth round took place in Kiskunlacháza. 

The track is already a well-known one for the 67 competitors who arrived to the airport on this lovely sunny end of summer day.


Keep collecting the points 


Sződy brothers arrived with great motivation after reaching a podium last time and the first one with the new car. The aim was the same: hunting as many points as possible.

„We are here again for another race. We are really proud for the first trophy we reached but now we have to focus for this race. The track is big with heavy curves, there are three turnovers and there is a narrow corridor as well. So the track is unique this time and we have to focus hardly.” – said the brothers.


Zsolt started firstly with number 40. “Unfortunately I missed the correct entry to the corridor so I lost significant time. There are three more rounds but I am a little frustrated.” – said. His time was 2.22.432, including a buoy 2sec penalty.

Szabolcs followed with starting number 70. “There was nothing specific, I have tested where I can go even faster or can be more brave.” His lap time was 2:19:264.

In the second rounds Zsolt improved a lot ( 2:17:689 ) while Szabolcs reached 2:18:882.

On the third rounds Zsolt improved even further to 2:15:103, which was the fourth best in the category while Szabolcs showed a solid performance with nearly the same times (1:18:853).

This time there was an opportunity to take four laps, out of it the three best total gave the final order.

But this time both brothers did a mistake in the same part of the track. Zsolt missed the perfect timing to round the far turnover. “However the tyres were excellent I missed the breaking point and lost around 1.5 sec.” His time was still not too bad, 2:16:733.

Szabolcs also failed that break zone. “I tried to  reach one of the competitor who was in front of me so I did some risk and did the break too late. I left the track and hit some part of the grass and the bottom of the car also hit by. My car did not damage luckily, however I lost the grip of the tyres afterwards because of the dusts. This lap was gone.” His time was the worst one, 2:20:034.

Accidently similar? 

How it is possible that both drivers did the same mistake? Because of using the same car? Or because they are brothers? Well, technically both, because their driving styles are so similar and using the same vehicle. And they tried the same thing on the same part of the track. If something is too much, it is too much for both. Both was not fully experienced with the technical element: Tigra holds the factory original set ups with blocking the break. It means that in case of a hard break the car is using a longer breaking zones while the drivers calculated with shorter distance. New car, new driving style to learn.


The final results were a mixed one, Zsolt reached fifth position while Szabolcs ended at seventh. Overall Zsolt has 22points and hold his fifth place while Szabolcs with 18 points share the sixth position, one more race to go.

Daily summary

“It was a long day with a long track. We learned quickly the track however we were unable to drive out all opportunities and possibilities. Maybe we tried harder than it should be, especially the last lap. Overall we are not disappointed but not happy, either. It was a lovely weather, nice race and we had a good race. Not a solid one because we would like to earn more points. Consequently we will have more things to do on 27th of October, the very last round at KakucsRing for fighting the year-end positions.


Photos: Adrienn Czarl