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Between 13-15 November 2019 the 14. Professional Motorsport World Expo was heldin KolnMesse, Germany. 

The aim of this exhibition was to present car accessories, developments and equipments on the high professional level.

The expo opened usually on Wednesday and in the afternoon already many visitors arrived besides the business interest.

Many race accessories were presented like gloves, helmets, race shoes, racing suits. Also car equipments were there like clutches, brake discs, brake pads and pedals. In the window of XTRAC brightening and kind lasting gearboxes, gear wheels and other accessories can be seen.

These stable parts can be used even for three years and after a long distance race only can suffer some scraches which can be easily replaced.

Besides the huge AP Racing GT, Le Mans carboon and metal brake disc the Forma 1 clutch also can be seen.

Around 5-6 presentations per day on various topics like differences on gears, how to plan a new race track, race safetiness, race car building, ect. were also part of the expo, in two halls.

Beside carboon

It should be noted on the changes within materials which are used on the cars. While previously materials, wood and glass fibres were favourites more recently they are rare, rather the focus is on aluminium and even plastic. And of course carbon and kevlar.

Furthermore visually carbon is fantastic. This year exhibition several companies represented themselves from the carbon manufacturers area.

We have to note that there is a new natural composite material in this segment which is based on flax fibre.

Also should be not missed cranks, rings, motor running and related special equipments from the expo, and if course the to-be-rent race cars because this is a new profile for more and more tuning company. Of course the prices are high but thanks to the professionalism behind it definitely worth thinking on it.

This area is a good carrier opportunity also for the young and talented inventors and genious engineers to show their ideas on unique solutions or brave car shapes. On Borrelly exhibition area an extravagant car can be seen designed by engineer-racing driver Fabien Bourgeon.

Gala dinner and award ceremony

Part of the exhibition a presentation gala was also took place on Thursday evening. Hundreds of exhibitors like engineers, team members and media attended on it.

Winners in six cathegories were announced:

Motorsport technonogy: Airshaper

Motorsport equipment: Bend Motorsport Park

European championship: WSR/ Team BMW

Young brittish champion: Robert Wilson

Racing car: WSR/ Team BMW 330i M

Special support: Alejandro Agag

The head of WSR/ Team BMW Dick Bennett also participated in the gala. He was the mentor of Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen and Rubens Barrichello so he was the star guest of the evening.

Rare racing parts designed and prepared by tunning companies and manufactures were presented to the lucky visitors. Also new investments and ideas and furthermore completed cars gave an overall picture of the current status of the racing world, of course the biggest companies were all there. So you can feel and even touch them. Let’s see some photos.

Author: Sződy Szabolcs

Photos: Sződy Zsolt és Sződy Szabolcs