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Podium in Kalocsa

After a seven weeks of summer break the Hungarian slalom championship backs to Kalocsa.

The airport place hosted a race last year as well so the 47 cars again had the opportunity to speed below the sport airplanes on a hot and sunny day.

Not to easy

Sződy brothers are also looking forward to it.

“It was a long break but we are here on the fourth race of the championship. Before was a good and exciting race last time. After we checked it seems to be a complicated one but let’s see during the laps. During the practice race it did not worked well to find the right raceline directions but the race would matter.”

Szabolcs stated first. “As we realised during the practice session this is not an easy track. I missed the practice on the third part of the track. I am not too happy, I suffered during the lap. There is no more room to fail, I have to do it it next time.” – sadly told Szabolcs. He got 80 seconds penalty (lap time 3:02:879 sec)


Zsolt followed him but he also did mistake: “I missed the track on the very same place as I did in the practice session. I missed one buoy in the last part. This will be the eliminated lap, definitely. But now I will go and have another look of that part of the track, I have to memorise it.” He got 2 seconds penalty (lap time 1:43:505 sec).




The brothers had new opportunities in their second lap and forgot the mistakes started with clean cards. They managed to deliver the laps without mistakes. Szabolcs did a security lap while Zsolt managed to bring a faster one. (lap times 1:41:111 and 1:33:860 sec).

After some summer rain and short break the race continued with the third laps. Szabolcs reached a 1:38:777 no lap on a slightly wet surfaces while Zsolt on an already dry one a 1:33:808 sec lap.

The track became optimal in the afternoon, which also reflected by the lap times, of course the drivers routine add it’s part to it.

Szabolcs spoke on the speed of the track: “My mistake was frustrated at the beginning of the day but afterwards all my following three laps were fine. Especially the last one where I expected around 1:37 but reached  1:34.333. The end it was okay. I am relaxed now after these three good laps.”  – said Szabolcs with smile. 


Zsolt also reached his best time on his last lap. ” Everything was optimal, however the tyres were a little loud. I really hope I can reach the podium.” (with this 1:31:021 lap time).



After a difficult day Zsolt managed to reach the third place, got a nice throphy and many points. Szabolcs reached the fourth place.




Standing (4 of 7 races)


S3, 1401 – 1600 ccm


  1. Kaposznyák Mihály   Citroen Saxo VTS       40
  2. Ildzsa Dávid               Suzuki Ignis                36
  3. Sződy Zsolt               Opel Tigra                  20 
  4. Taczman Zsolt           Citroen Saxo VTS       18
  5. Sződy Szabolcs         Opel Tigra                 15 
  6. Kovács Viktor            Renault Twingo RS      5
  7. Juhász Ádám             Citroen Saxo VTS         3
  8. Csiszár Alexandra     Opel Corsa                     1
  9. Hajdú Eszter              BMW                          0


Daily summary 


„There were everything on this day: sunshine, some rain, sadness and happyness. However it started very hard we managed to put together ourselves and deliver a good result. The track was not easy but got used to it and improved a lot. The car worked perfectly, even under wet circumstances. And it was our best race with the third and fourth place. We are extremely happy and looking forward to the next race.” – said the brothers.

The next race will be on the place of the trade exhibition city called Hungexpo. This is a street race basically, but we’ll see the race on 24th of August.

Photos: Track Racing


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Red 2

Red 2 – As the american action movie title this can be also the title of this year season of the Szody brothers.

But no worry if you do not figure out why – there is no such correlation only that they start their season two with their red car.

After 7 years with Suzuki last year they stepped up and changed to Opel Tigra. Before the season start we had a discussion with the Brothers. Last year was a complex one, however it was a learning year. Is that correct?

 Szabolcs Sződy: -Yes, it was definitely that one. We had to learn the new category, the car, the ccm and the power. The first half of the year was also a testing period but in the summer the results did come. We had a trophy and at the year-end category fourth and sixth position. We had to fight each seconds and each points. It was a hard and busy season with good ending. It was only 0.6mp, is not it? That is really tight, but succeed. What kind of experiences did you get?

 Zsolt Sződy: -We made a good choice with this Opel Tigra. Basically it is the same as Opel Corsa but it is more sporty and with its unique outfit this is not a regular one. We get used to it, moreover we love it. But we had to learn a lot from this car, this is a sport car, heavier than the rival Citroen Saxo and the motor is only 106 horsepower compares to Saxo 118. But the difference is not that big, however the fourth position is after the three Saxo. How did you prepare for the new season?

 Szabolcs Sződy: – The preparation for the new season started in January. We would like to thank you for Opel Gombos for the preparation. The suspension set-up by Kárászy and built into the car by Kanyik Car Service. The rest was managed by us, these are small corrections. Overall plenty of work was made, even more than last year. This year it takes more time but we are ready just in time. the new decoration is pretty nice and the Opel logo is also there. Can you tell us more about the new sponsors?

 Zsolt Sződy: – Definitely we have more. We have three new ones, Opel Gombos, Csergő Ltd. who gives Opel parts and SKF who provides bearings. The main sponsor the Orbico Hungary Kft., who  the distributor of Shell lubricants in Hungary. We also would like to give our best and have even two-three podiums. The year-end target is the third place. This is brave, in the second season a podium place?

Szabolcs Sződy: – We try it. Last year the target was to finish among the middle and we reach more. So it is possible to be much braver now however if we will finish back it is okay. This is only the second season and the category field also changed. Good attitude! Lets talk about the races. There will be a new one in Eger.

 Zsolt Sződy: – We do not know anything about it, we only had a trip there. What a new challenge! The well-known track of Kakucs and Kiskulacháza is also varied. We are really looking forward to Nagyatád again, last year that was the most successful one. But right now we will only concentrate for the first race. Serie 3 Category (S3) is a strong one. Was it a good decision?

Szabolcs Sződy: – We like it. There is fight within however the differences are bigger than in S1 but the cars are different. These are stronger, faster and heavier. We are really looking forward to the season. We would like to drive again, we worked a lot for this. Were there any big change on the car?

 Zsolt Sződy: – Of course it improved. On the last race the engine holder was broken so it was totally replaced with some units. The air filter was really effective so it was built even more this time. The tyres brand, Nankang remained the same however we choose medium for this season, NS-2R.  In the front the new spoiler can be seen, this is an original Irmscher sport spoiler, it was set-up right now. Small corrections but it is still on progress. What can I say? At least the same result as last year, lets go for the podium! But have a save drive without any problem and good lap times.

 Sződy brothers: – Thank you very much.

Photos: Track Racing


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Kalocsa pattern

It is the middle of the summer and also the middle of the Hungarian Slalom Championship.

The fourth race held on Kalocsa (Foktő airport) with 50 car racing drivers.

After 2010 Szody brothers had the chance to race again on this track.

“Eight years before we raced here with a Suzuki Swift in S2 category. It was a good race with nice memories. We are looking forward to try ourselves again here with another car.” – said Szabolcs and Zsolt.

During the track walk it was evident that the surface was a dusty, rough concrete. So the brothers had to decide which tyres they would like to put to the specially “Kalocsa” flowers decorated car: the sport street tyres or the slicks. They decided beside the slick tyres.

Zsolt with racing number 29 started first. “It is a drivable track. At the beginning I had to learn the corners, it was okay but one part where I slightly hit the tyres. I had to practice that part.” His time was 01:30,409.

Szabolcs started with 47. His first lap was a little slower than Zsolt’s lap. “For me it was still a careful lap but I practised the difficult combinations and I knew how I can be even faster.” His first lap was 01:31,130.

Zsolt’s second lap was nearly the same with solid performance. The time was 01:30,483. While Szabolcs was significantly, 2.7 seconds faster this time with 01:29,394.

The temperature increased during the day and the participants only can rest below sun umbrellas and service tents.

The third lap of Zsolt was his best one and go beyond 1.30 (01:29,564). I was not sure whether the temperature helped me or not but I raced much better than before.” – said Zsolt happily.

Szabolcs also hit his best lap with 01:28,484. „I thought in advance in each corner and focused on the speed. I am satisfied with the time.”

The brothers were even faster on the last round. Zsolt reached his best lap of the day with 01:28,927 while Szabolcs also edged close with 01:29,226 with one small mistake. Luckily those did not change the results.

This was the first time of the season that Szabolcs beat Zsolt and reached fifth position with 4 points, while Zsolt finished at sixth and get 3. They are in the midfield in the category.

Summary of the day:

“We were happy to race here again. It was a good, fast track, we really liked it. We got used to it every lap and were faster and faster. We made a good decision on the tyre selection however we afraid that the track damage the tyres but it did not. The back of the track was very dusty but overall it did not affect our performances. As for the weather, well, the temperature was very hot, outside it was 42 C which means that in the car there was approximately 60. This was heavy, especially before each start. We had to drink a lot, around 5-6 litre per person. We came here to get precious points and that was fulfilled. Okay, we dreamed to reach the fourth position but realistically this 5th and 6th places were reachable now. We are satisfied overall after this race” – summarised the Track Racing Team drivers.

The next race will be four weeks later in south-west of Hungary. The city called Nagyatád on a street race.

(Photos: Czárl Adrienn)

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New category, new brand, new car

It is already 18 years when Szabolcs and Zsolt Sződy have started racing with a Trabant.

Than 7 years with a Suzuki in the Hungarian National Slalom Championship. So now it was high time to change for another one – to an OPEL!
We have asked the Sződy brothers about their preparation ahead of the new season.

Sportseconds: Hello! It seems that red from now on, what a change after blue. How was it?

Szabolcs Sződy: You are thinking about the clothes? (He laughing). This is very simple, the outfit always in line with the colour of the car. As for this year we have a red car, we need to change the outfit as well. But lets speak seriously, it is not easy to find a good car and good colour as well. We were luckly to get a red one, which made our main sponsor, Orbico Hungary Kft., brand of Shell lubricants happy.

Sportseconds: Okay, we get it. But the colour of your team was always blue.

Zsolt Sződy: Yes, and it remained the same, blue, light blue. Only the colour of the car, the outfit which changed and it is in line with the sponsors colour as well. However we always fancy red.

Sportseconds: And why Opel, after so many success with Suzuki?

Szabolcs: We were looking for a new car to move to a new category, not a brand. There have been four possible choices and we ended up with an Opel Tigra. This is an 1.6ccm 16 valve, 106 horsepower Tigra, twice as strong as Suzuki was. This is a sport version, including some Irmscher accessories. We have changed several things on the car to fit for the races. Adding lower springs, sport shocks absorbers and sport air filters. The original seats and belts remained, such as the light alloy wheel.

Sportseconds: So this means that you will race in S3 (serie 3) with an 1.6 ccm. What a jump for a Tiger, lets say with a Tigra! But what about S2?

Zsolt: In 2010 and 2011 we have raced in S2 with a 1.3ccm Swift but those two years was not that successfull. That’s why have have decided to jump up for a new S3 category. It was one of the old dream to race with an 1.6 ccm car and now we take it.

Sportseconds: It is some risk to try something unknown?

Szabolcs: Exactly. To be honest last year we had bored to race with 53 horsepower. It was pleasant but well-known. So we had to step out of the comfort zone! We did not know this car only the fact that is is really nice looking and has excellent shape. So we have to transform our mind but not just on the race track, also on the preparation and service. There is no more rutine any more like where to find certain things or how the car will react. We have to learn how this car behaves. This is a brand new challenge but we are looking forward to it. But have to be patient.

Sportseconds: What are our expectations for this year?

Zsolt: There is no expectations, we currently get familiar with the car and the category. Afterwards we try to get faster and improve. We have to learn and we still can learn after so many years. But we enjoy it and I believe we will get use to it for the second part of the season.

Sportseconds: Good thinking. What about your partners, how did they react to the new car? Do you get new sponsors for this year?

Szabolcs: Yes. There were a discusssion with them on the change but we decided on the car on our own and they were happy. It is interesting that the majority of our sponsors have red logos, which fit for the new caracter of our team. This year we are using the Prevent car care products of Medikémia Zrt. Also we have new sponsor BMC and using their air filters for the races. This is our third year with Orbico Hungary Kft., Shell lubricant hungarian partner. Further partners are for this racing season: Kárászy Kft. for shock absorbers, Brisk Hungary Kft. for racing spark plugs, Nyomdaker for the decoration, Tikkadt Szöcske, belverage brand of Italműhely Kft. and Luxottica gave Oakley sportsunglasses. And at last, but not least our media partners, and webportals, and you, Sportseconds webportal, as new media partner.

Sportseconds: What can I say at the beginning of the season than good luck for the first race for 31st March.

Sződy brothers: Thank you!

Track Racing