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Podium in Kalocsa

After a seven weeks of summer break the Hungarian slalom championship backs to Kalocsa.

The airport place hosted a race last year as well so the 47 cars again had the opportunity to speed below the sport airplanes on a hot and sunny day.

Not to easy

Sződy brothers are also looking forward to it.

“It was a long break but we are here on the fourth race of the championship. Before was a good and exciting race last time. After we checked it seems to be a complicated one but let’s see during the laps. During the practice race it did not worked well to find the right raceline directions but the race would matter.”

Szabolcs stated first. “As we realised during the practice session this is not an easy track. I missed the practice on the third part of the track. I am not too happy, I suffered during the lap. There is no more room to fail, I have to do it it next time.” – sadly told Szabolcs. He got 80 seconds penalty (lap time 3:02:879 sec)


Zsolt followed him but he also did mistake: “I missed the track on the very same place as I did in the practice session. I missed one buoy in the last part. This will be the eliminated lap, definitely. But now I will go and have another look of that part of the track, I have to memorise it.” He got 2 seconds penalty (lap time 1:43:505 sec).




The brothers had new opportunities in their second lap and forgot the mistakes started with clean cards. They managed to deliver the laps without mistakes. Szabolcs did a security lap while Zsolt managed to bring a faster one. (lap times 1:41:111 and 1:33:860 sec).

After some summer rain and short break the race continued with the third laps. Szabolcs reached a 1:38:777 no lap on a slightly wet surfaces while Zsolt on an already dry one a 1:33:808 sec lap.

The track became optimal in the afternoon, which also reflected by the lap times, of course the drivers routine add it’s part to it.

Szabolcs spoke on the speed of the track: “My mistake was frustrated at the beginning of the day but afterwards all my following three laps were fine. Especially the last one where I expected around 1:37 but reached  1:34.333. The end it was okay. I am relaxed now after these three good laps.”  – said Szabolcs with smile. 


Zsolt also reached his best time on his last lap. ” Everything was optimal, however the tyres were a little loud. I really hope I can reach the podium.” (with this 1:31:021 lap time).



After a difficult day Zsolt managed to reach the third place, got a nice throphy and many points. Szabolcs reached the fourth place.




Standing (4 of 7 races)


S3, 1401 – 1600 ccm


  1. Kaposznyák Mihály   Citroen Saxo VTS       40
  2. Ildzsa Dávid               Suzuki Ignis                36
  3. Sződy Zsolt               Opel Tigra                  20 
  4. Taczman Zsolt           Citroen Saxo VTS       18
  5. Sződy Szabolcs         Opel Tigra                 15 
  6. Kovács Viktor            Renault Twingo RS      5
  7. Juhász Ádám             Citroen Saxo VTS         3
  8. Csiszár Alexandra     Opel Corsa                     1
  9. Hajdú Eszter              BMW                          0


Daily summary 


„There were everything on this day: sunshine, some rain, sadness and happyness. However it started very hard we managed to put together ourselves and deliver a good result. The track was not easy but got used to it and improved a lot. The car worked perfectly, even under wet circumstances. And it was our best race with the third and fourth place. We are extremely happy and looking forward to the next race.” – said the brothers.

The next race will be on the place of the trade exhibition city called Hungexpo. This is a street race basically, but we’ll see the race on 24th of August.

Photos: Track Racing


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Track racing with track tyres

On 22nd of April the Hungarian Slalom championship continued with the second round in Kakucs Ring. 79 drivers started the race, which was this time a Central-European Zone race (CEZ) on a build track. For the Track racing team it was a premier – for the brand new Nangkang AR-1 semi-slick tyres.

After the first visit the Sződy brothers thought on the track: “The whole track did not change but of course the buoys varied and again there is a long corridor in the middle of the track. We must be punctual but we can push more. The  stick tyres much better in this track so the cars do not slip.”

During the test round they got some impression on how the tyres are working but they would have four chances (four round) out of the best three counted.

Szabolcs (start number 43): “Luckily the car, the track, the asphalt were all familiar but the tyres. This is even better a racing tyres than the one we used last year, it is even softer. The adhesion was good and it was not as warm, I was satisfied. The first round is not the quickest one but it was not that bad at the end. But I would like to improve further.” Lap time: 02: 02,981 seconds.


Zsolt (start number 56) did not complain, either. “However I got warm car from Szabolcs but the Opel still worked well. Although it is only April the weather is rather like being in an early summer with 28 Celsius. The tap time was not that good (01:59,603 sec.) but I try to be even faster.”

In their second laps they decided to change the tactic and use 3 speed gear in one of the corner combination but neither of them improved, Szabolcs took (02:03,906) while Zsolt (02:02,007 sec.). This was not a good decision so they dropped that tactic.

The third laps were the best for both of them, Szabolcs had 02:00,760 while Zsolt 01:58,538 but these laps were under the hottest weather circumstances.

The forth laps resulted 02: 02:00,959 sec. for Szabolcs and 02:00,959 sec. for Zsolt. Basicly did not improve timely performances, but did not affect the final position of the brothers. 7 race drivers they finished this racing day. Zsolt and Szabolcs on the 5th and 6th and got valuable 4 and 3 points. In overall now the 6th and 7th palce of the 9 drivers on S3 category.

The brothers summarized the day:

“We were surprised about the hot weather, this is not usual in the middle of April. We got use to our new Opel Tigra, there is no problem with its size or weight. It is strong and easy to drive. The tyres were a little soft and we need to use them with higher pressure but it was a good test. We are happy to get the 6th position with only a 0.244 sec. difference thanks to the good fourth lap for Szabolcs. The task now is to collect as many points as possible because at the end all of them would count.” – said the Track Racing drivers.


The next race will be on 1st of July, after 9 weeks break in Hatvan but we will have the change to meet the brothers outside the race as well. Keep you informed.


Photos: Track Racing