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The Best Places to go Skiing in Hungary

Hungary might not be the first country to come to mind when it comes to the beloved winter sport:

Even though Hungary does not have the highest mountains, there are a few good places where you can go skiing without having to leave the country. assembled a list of the 6 best places where you can ski in Hungary.

The big ones


The village of Eplény can be found in Veszprém County. People have been skiing in Eplény since the 1970s. The Intersport Síaréna Eplény is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Hungary. The Ski Arena of Eplény has 2 ski lifts and pistes of 7 km. Forty snow cannons make sure that visitors always have the perfect amount of snow for skiing. The different kinds of pistes are enjoyable for both beginners and more advanced skiers.


Kékes is the highest peak in the country, and the most popular skiing destinations are also located here. The tracks in Kékes are also the country’s oldest ski pistes. There are two pistes, one for beginners and one for more advanced skiers.


The incredibly small village of Mátraszentistván is located in the Mátra mountain range, in Heves County. Mátraszentistván Ski Park has 10 ski pistes of varying difficulties. Visitors can also try skiing at night, since the park has a 3-km-long illuminated track. Skiing instructors can be hired at the park, so beginners have nothing to fear.

Smaller ski centres


Bánkút is a part of Nagyvisnyó village, located in the Bükk Mountains. Bükk Mountains is a section of the North Hungarian Mountains, and much of this area is a national park. Bánkút is within the Bükk National Park, and it is a small ski centre located below the 4th highest peak of the mountains: Bálvány. Bánkút Sícentrum (Ski Centre) has 6 pistes and 8 ski lifts. The longest track is 8-km-long. This small ski centre is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers. However, the hills might prove to be too easy for advanced skiers.


Dobokgókő is probably the one that is the nearest to Budapest from the list. Dobogókő Sícentrum (Ski Centre) has two hills to offer. The higher parts of its pistes are for the more experienced visitors, while the lower parts of the pistes are ideal for beginners too. Since it is very close to the capital, you should expect a crowd, especially at the weekends.


Nagyvillám Sípálya (Nagyvillám Ski Piste) is located in the city of Visegrád. Visegrád’s ski track in particular might not be too exciting for more experienced skiers, but it can be the perfect place for families with small children. Here, visitors can also try out tobogganing, which is very similar to sleighing.

(Kitti Erdő-Bonyár)