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The season started in Kakucs

As previous years the motorsport season also started in spring, including the Hungarian Slalom championship.
82 drivers attended on 7th April in Kakucsring on a cloudy and muggy morning to this well-known track. The first race is also part of the CEZ (Middle-East European Slalom championship).
Season Opening
Szabolcs and Zsolt Sződy (Track Racing team) arrived to the depo with their Opel Tigra. “We prepared the car until Saturday night yet but it was ready for the race. The decoration of the car is even more spectacular this year, the rest will be seen on the race. We are really looking forward to this season and happy to get back behind the wheel.” – said the brothers.
The preparation and the morning track visit was still under wet condition but for the practice the sunshine arrived. However the track was still slippery thanks to the low temperature, the lack of grabbing on the track and also to the brand new tyres.
First laps
Zsolt started with 60 racing number but the temperature still was not good enough to change the main circumstances. The car slipped twice. “I did struggle a lot with the adhesion, I hit a buoy as well and at the back side of the track the back of the car also sliding out but I managed to catch it. This was only a testing lap (02:10,522 with 2mp penalty) but three more to go.”
Szabolcs took a more relaxed lap. “The car was also unstable for me but the tyres was hotter so I am satisfied with the time, currently (02:10,800)” – said shortly.
The other laps 
For the second laps the conditions are improved further so the lap times were even better for everyone. Zsolt had 02:05,020 while Szabolcs 02:07,012 was for them.
“Maybe the conditions were the optimist for the third round, we were even faster but furthermore we also enjoyed the driving.” – said Zsolt.
“For me this was the most enjoyable lap for me, I think I did not make any mistake. It is evident that the result will be not enough for the podium but this race the target is not that high.” – summarized Szabolcs.
For the last round Zsolt did a slightly worse than his best one, finished with 02:04,793 but Szabolcs was even faster and the time stop at 02:05,921. The car worked really well.
In the S3 category the Sződy brothers collected valuable points on their first race, finishing fifth and seventh, Szabolcs only missed the sixth place with 0.023. But that is also part of the car racing and surely next time it would be his favour.
Daily Summary
“After so many days and work finally we can sit back behind the steering wheel and race again, This is really missed for us. The car worked well, the mechanisers did an excellent job to prepare the car for the race, great appreciation to them. The adhesion was a problem this time due to the lower temperature conditions but it is sure that it would be okay for the following races and we can reach even more. The car was prepared for the summer season rather as for more races that’s why we selected a medium tyres for this year. We are not disappointed about the result, we know that more interesting races will come. This overal time does not favour for Szabolcs now: 0.023 seconds was needed for the 6th place. But this time but we will focus for the following races.”
The next race will be on 4th May at Kiskulacháza.
Photos: Track Racing