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Warriors´ Stephen Curry ´really serious´ about Panthers ownership

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry said he is serious about wanting a stake in Carolina Panthers.

Shortly after Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced he was putting the franchise up for sale, there was a strong response from prospects interested in buying it.

Rapper P. Diddy was the first to express interest in purchasing the franchise, and shortly after, Curry chimed in to Diddy’s timeline with a tweet saying, “I want in!”

During an ESPN interview, which will air on ABC Christmas Day after the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Warriors, Curry said that his tweet was in fact a serious proposition.

“I’m serious, I’m really serious about that,” Curry, a Charlotte native, said. “I think it’s such a unique opportunity to impact my hometown. Just an unprecedented unique situation, and knowing kind of what the storylines are around the NFL right now, maybe having a hand in that.

“So we’ll see how that plays out and take whoever along ride with me, whoever wants to come watch Cam [Newton] and everybody, hopefully win Super Bowls.”

His team-mate Kevin Durant was there during the interview and joked, “I want in… as long as I can wear my Redskins jersey on the sidelines.”

Forbes estimated the Panthers’ value to be $2.3 billion in its latest NFL team valuations and had Curry’s net worth at $47.3 million in June, meaning he would be a small financial partner in Diddy’s bid. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has also expressed interest in being part of the group.

It is no surprise that Curry would want to be a part of the Panthers, as he mainly grew up in Charlotte. Curry played for Davidson College, which is just outside of the city, before landing in Oakland with the Warriors in 2009.