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The winners of K&H go! Paralympic card program announced

Budapest– As a leading financial institution, K&H strives to meet social needs and make contributions to ensure that all members of society live a full life.

With its long-term sponsorship of the Paralympic Committee and the Paralympic Team started 11 years ago, K&H wishes to express its commitment to public health and a healthy lifestyle. Today, new members joined the team of Paralympic athletes sponsored by the K&H go! Paralympic card program, launched in 2006.

The program helps individual athletes to train and achieve outstanding results over the long run. Paralympic silver-medalist fencer, Éva Hajmási, Paralympic bronze-medalist swimmer, Zsófia Konkoly and track and field athlete, Krisztina Kálmán’s coach, Mrs. Edgár Kálmán have been recognized for their exemplary dedication and commitment.

“We believe that as a responsible corporation, besides creating financial sustainability, we also have to respond to social needs and contribute to the ability of the members of society to live a full life. With our sports sponsorship program launched 14 years ago, we express our long-term commitment to health and a healthy lifestyle, where sports play an important role. Many years of support for the Paralympic Committee and team also illustrates our commitment to long-term partnerships. Thanks to the K&H go! Paralympic card program, we support the preparation, as well as the extraordinary and ongoing achievements of individual athletes because we consider their commitment exemplary for all of us. To date the program has provided 17 athletes and two of their helpers a total support of over HUF 15 million, and today we contribute to the achievements of three additional excellent athletes, granting each a scholarship of HUF 800,000”, chief executive officer of the K&H Group, David Moucheron, said at the award ceremony.

László Szabó, president of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, is welcoming the relaunch of the program: “In all continents Paralympic sports are undergoing huge development and enjoy increasing popularity. It is gratifying to see that Hungarian society has come to appreciate Hungarian Paralympic athletes and their support gives them immense energy. We express our gratitude that with their votes and love Hungarians support successful adult athletes, young talents and their helpers who, instead of themselves, place these athletes in the forefront day in and day out. The K&H Group’s initiative is exemplary; its sponsorship of athletes over the past 11 years is unique and an example to be followed. I’m grateful that together we can demonstrate: being disabled does not mean being a loser”, the president of the committee said.
The 2017 winners of the K&H go! Paralympic card program:


Adult category: Éva Hajmási, Paralympic silver-medalist fencer
Éva Hajmási started to train in 2010 under the guidance of two-time Paralympic bronze-medalist fencer, Pál Szekeres, and she has been successful with dagger and sword alike. In 2016 she won the European championship in individual competition, and at the Rio Paralympics she won a silver medal in daggers with the women’s team, i.e. she completed her first Paralympics with a medal. Thanks to her achievements and outstanding personality, Éva has recently been elected to the IWAS WFEC Athletes Committee. “This time, victory was not up to me but to those who supported me with their votes. I thank them all! Aside from defraying the costs of my special artificial limb, the scholarship will also help me to reach my goal of participating in the Tokyo Paralympics and every day it allows me to do what I love most: fencing”, Éva Hajmási, silver-medalist Paralympic fencer, K&H go! Paralympic card program winner in the adult category said.

Promising young talent category: Zsófia Konkoly, Paralympic bronze-medalist swimmer
The barely 15-year-old swimmer from Pécs is the youngest Hungarian para-swimming talent. While still attending high school, Zsófia Konkoly wins medal after medal at the most prestigious international tournaments. She is a European championship bronze-medalist and World Cup winner. As the youngest member of Hungary’s Paralympic team in Rio, she won a bronze medal in 100-m butterfly leaving a number of experienced rivals behind in the finals.

Her achievement has won international acclaim. “This scholarship will make my life much easier. I will easily be able to afford a healthy diet and gain the strength needed to compete, I will be able to do some supplementary training and upgrade my equipment. I thank everyone for voting for me. Zsófia Konkoly, bronze-medalist Paralympic swimmer, K&H go! Paralympic card program winner in the promising young talent category said.

Helper category: Mrs. Edgár Kálmán, athlete Krisztina Kálmán’s helper
Mrs. Edgár Kálmán trains her throwing athlete daughter, Krisztina, all by herself. She accompanies her to all competitions and does everything for her daughter’s success and happiness. They overcome daily hardship with remarkable perseverance and discipline. Her daughter has always dreamed of being on the Paralympic team: in 2016 she entered the competition unseeded and finished in sixth place. Right now, Judit helps her daughter to relive that experience at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. “This scholarship means a lot for me, for us. It helps our daily life and Kriszti’s training, for I care for her by myself and since she requires practically 24-hour supervision and assistance, I cannot hold down a job. Yet, we have a positive outlook because Kriszti has been blessed with a talent that gives both of us immense energy and motivation”, Mrs. Edgár Kálmán, helper of athlete Krisztina Kálmán, K&H go! Paralympic card program winner in the helper category said.

About the K&H go! Paralympic card program
After every HUF 1000 payment with a K&H Visa Classic embossed debit card, the Bank sets aside HUF 1 for the support of athletes. Thanks to the program, including this year’s winners a total of 19 athletes and 3 of their helpers have received over HUF 17 million in scholarships. Following tradition, this year again in the adult, promising young talent and helper categories, the public had the opportunity to vote online and decide the winners of the K&H go! Paralympic card program in recognition of their efforts, personality and commitment. Each winner receives a scholarship of gross HUF 800,000.

Nominees for the K&H go! Paralympic card program this year:
Adult category:
András Csonka, Paralympic silver-medalist table tennis player
Éva Hajmási, Paralympic silver-medalist fencer
Róbert Suba, Paralympic silver-medalist kayaker

Promising young talent category:
Zsófia Konkoly, Paralympic bronze-medalist swimmer
Zoltán Ruzsa, goalball player
György Sztanó, powerlifter

Helper category:
György Jova, helper of Paralympic bronze-medalist boccia player, Dezső Béres
Mrs. Edgár Kálmán, helper track and field athlete, Krisztina Kálmán
Mrs. Varjas, dr. Edit Kovács, who has helped and also discovered many para-swimmers

You can follow Hungarian para-athletes on the Hungarian Paralympic Team’s Facebook and Instagram sites, and on the website.